Little Annie's House of Mojo booth is located at the rear of ZELE 
Everything featured at this site can be purchased at ZeleNOLA 
2841 Magazine St. just past the Starbucks on Washington Ave - Open 7 days a week - Noon to 5

If interested
 in any of items you can visit Zele or you can Email me

Mars-Moon dresser $125

Clocks $27 each

Knobs $7.50

Laminated  Place Mats
$5.50 each
Approximately 11" x 14"

Select how many you want and then click Buy it Now

How many place mats would you like?
Please specify which design you want in your order.
All place mats are the same price

Package of 2 $8.50

Dresser $325
What time is it?
Kitch Clock $28
Day of the Dead Spirit Dolls
Spirit Dolls
Karma free Catnip Voodoo Dolls

Catnip Voodoo Dolls