Starting this February 2018, this blog will feature a travelogue which will be filled with photos and travel tips of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, Mexico. Information and photographs will  the pyramids of that region.

While engaged in a folk art buying venture for my booth at the Shops at 2011 Magazine Street. New Orleans, LA, the videos from the venture will be posted at YouTube. The information for that to be posted shortly.
This site will be dedicated to folklorica, travels, and the regional epicurean delights of Mexico.
Most of the images below are from a scrapbook I put together of various things I saved over the years. Most of the images are from magazine pages that I collected during the 80s. Other images are personal photographs and collages .
Thank you and enjoy!

This was a fun project that uses vintage National Geographic magazines as well as vintage Arizona Highway magazine. I used to sell this as a magnet set. I heard that a few teachers got these for the kids as a creative project.
Another collage project using images from vintage National Geographic magazines and Arizona Highway magazines.
This necklace is handmade with vintage Swarovski crystals and 
rhinestones as well as extra small vintage French-cut metal beads.

                                     Only 2 left. $950.00

                                                         Grandma Nancy at 16 years old. 1925

 The Fibonaccis were the best art band from 80s Los Angeles

Went to this particular show in Los Angeles. It was so loud that over half the kids hung out in the lobby. 
Another of my collages that used National Geographic magazine and Arizona Highway magazine.

The photo at the bottom right was taken from inside the original Soap Plant on Sunset Bl. at Lucile.

I actually sold one cake! 
Upper right is a photograph taken by Lewis Carrol. 

Upper left is a picture of the one and only leaded-glass window which I made in 1974.

Bottom left a Polaroid image from the Kirlian aura capturing camera

Bottom left. Photograph from Venice Beach 1920.

Pictures from my shop in Seattle, Little Annie's House of Mojo.

                                                                         Venice Beach 1920

Yes, another of my collages that used National Geographic magazine and Arizona Highway magazine

This is an advertisement and program of an event I put together with a friend in 1985 downtown Los Angeles

More pictures from my shop in Seattle.  Circa 1989

Upper right a photo taken by my parents , Mardi Gras 1958

Collage by Gilbert Johnquest

                                                                  My watercolor painting